About Us

As you drink from the Fountain of Life, we are sure that you will experience God's choicest blessings.

Fountain of Life was organized in 1992 for the purpose of providing an ark of safety for many who were new in Christ or searching for a home. Our pastor has a sincere compassion for the welfare of those who are struggling to experience life in abundance and wanted to be a part of helping people develop in their Christian walk.

In 1994, we purchased a facility in southeast Atlanta where the ministry continued to grow, and during that time, we added various ministries - both "inreach" and outreach. One of the most effective and enduring programs has been the monthly outreach ministry to housing shelters, and this reflects our ongoing concern for those that Jesus cared a lot about - those hurting and in need. In April of 2004, we moved into our current location in Ellenwood - 19 acres of land on which we will build our new sanctuary, a school, and transitional housing for the homeless.

In January of 2013, due to the wonderful growth of the church, we started construction of our new sanctuary; transitioning from a sanctuary that previously held 200 to a sanctuary that now holds well over 500. Furthermore, it is Pastor Clay's desire that we eventually add other ministries, including those that will serve people with substance addictions, HIV/AIDS and those who are transitioning from prison.

Pastor Clay's foundational mission is to continue to build a Bible-based community of loving relationships through members of the body of Christ sharing their faith and following and modeling their lives after Jesus Christ. To that end, our vision is twofold:

  1. to seek, invite and compel the "unchurched" to come establish a personal relationship with Christ and become a part of a local body of believers, and
  2. to encourage, train, teach, and equip those who come to love, obey, fellowship and worship God through service.

The fruit of that vision can be seen in the fact that our church has grown from twelve to more than 200 active members. We invite you to visit with us and take a drink from the Fountain!